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FLOEMA GROUP is a team of high profile specialists composed by two important companies: FLOEMA PANELS and CINOVA, with the aim to offer more actual products, services and quality “Made in Italy” to our customers and partners. Create a unique home and work environment that allows you to fully identify with it, ensuring the best combination of acoustic comfort and cutting-edge design. We offer custom-designed furniture that is completely personalized and that perfectly reflects your needs.


FLOEMA PANELS develops, manufactures and markets high performance soundproofing acoustic panels, officially patented and designed for environments where the sound comfort is extremely important, from large spaces and offices to residential needs.


CINOVA is a distinctive brand of the home furniture particularly oriented to the sleeping area, but with an important tradition in the wardrobes production as well.


FLOEMA PROJECT collaborates with international interior designers and architects to develop and implement the “turnkey projects” to realize specific and customized requests for hotels, residencies, offices and every kind of large spaces.


Since 1966, our family business wanted to develop innovative and design furniture. Our philosophy consists in combining the best Italian quality and research expertise to always be innovative and dynamic. Floema Group has in his genes the spirit of the hand-crafted work, giving particular attention to all details. Our main aim is to produce and design inspiring environments and produce furniture to put our customers in the spotlight.


 Floema Group was established as integration of two furniture related companies, aiming to target a new and revolutionary conception of interior design, completely unique and without precedents, thanks to the professionalism of its 55 employees.

The Group includes two consolidated brands that, for a long time, successfully focused on the Home Décor sector, combining tradition and innovation, together with an distinctive all-Italian style: Cinova and Floema Panels. Beside this, Floema Panels also develops, manufactures and sells high performance soundproofing acoustic panels, specifically thought for any environment and which contributes to achieve a greater acoustic comfort and a better sound quality.

We at Floema Group consider furnishing a key factor of our life, a status symbol to share and to be appreciated. Therefore, our wish was to give life to a unique group of companies that is able to create a real link between our clients and their interiors. The main aim is to realize internal environments that are harmonious and allow to fully identify with it.

On top of this, Floema Group is composed by an excellent labour force “Made in Italy”, which is always synonym of quality, materials and care of the details.


Our objective is always investing in research and development to find new ways to be creative, decrease energy costs and increase the efficiency of soundproofing. Soon, we will integrate digital features to our products, to respond to your needs, continuing anyway to always offer you the excellence of the Italian products. Now it’s time to link the authenticity of our past and our strong tradition with all the technological revolutions, without losing our roots. We like the challenges, since they continuously test our best resources and capabilities, and we are steadily ready to overcome them.


Our team


Mirco Pierucci
Chief Executive Officer

Stefano Ligi
Head of Business Development

Matteo Venturini
Technical Department Manager

Daniele Sacchi
Procurement Manager

Fabio Soccio
Head of Acoustics & Panels Production

Cristiano Ciamaglia
Head of Home Furniture Production

Virgilio Pierucci
Head of the Factory